Hump Day!

July 22, 2009 | Karin's Blog | 9 comments


Speaking of humping, can someone please tell me why I keep getting penis spammed on Twitter?  And specifically, ones of Brittney with her mouth open and well, use your imagination.  I have cock blocked them, but they keep coming back in one form or another.  I want to have lots of followers like the next girl but not penises. I had a nightmare last night of being followed by a herd of penises. It was creepy.  I’m probably going to get penis-spammed because I keep using the P word here.  Hah, we’ll see how good the spam filter is! 


Anyhoo, I just wanted to touch base.  I’m trying to be a good writer and write.  I’m trying very hard to write with blinkers on.  Not allowing any peripheral activity to distract me.  Not answering non-urgent emails (but aren’t they all urgent?!), not making lengthy phone calls, not going to the A’s game with my son today (that was a hard one!), I’m ignoring the doorbell, unless it’s my computer guy coming to install word on my mac book. I have even locked the cats out.   It’s working.  Sort of.  I am seriously going to take Allison’s advice and unplug.  So, ciao for now, chicas.  I’ll surface after I write this next chapter. In the meantime, would someone please tell me how not to get penis spammed.




  1. Connie T

    Ok Karin, I gotta say it–you are going to give someone “penis envy.” ROTFL! Sorry, couldn’t resist.

  2. Edie

    Yuck. I hope it doesn’t happen to me! I signed with Tony Robbins — was that you who said how good he was? Now I’m being followed by all the motivational ladies and gents. Better than penises.

    Have fun writing!

  3. LKap

    Good luck with shutting it all out. Write your big heart out girlfriend 🙂

    Don’t let the penis’ scare you eventually they will “wilt” away

  4. Jill James

    Can’t help you with the penises, but great on you getting serious wordage done. But, you missed an awesome game!!!!!!

  5. Patricia Barraclough

    Can’t help you. I am so not tech savvy. I set up a Twitter account and now can’t get into it or use it. After your experience, maybe I don’t want to.

  6. Jody

    The annoyance of SPAM is one of the reasons I won’t use some technologies – like twitter. I get a hundred SPAM emails a day, mainly for online pharmacies and penile enlargement solutions.

    In the immortal words of Monty Python – I DON’T LIKE SPAM!!!!!

  7. Lee

    Wow, I’ve had the same problem, and keep blocking them too!!! I don’t have an answer, let me ask my techno son, and grandson, and see if they have an answer..Glad to hear, LOL, it isn’t just me. I also get them in spanish!!!

  8. Jody

    But the BEST emails are the ones trying to convince me that some agent of a deceased foreign dignitary wants to deposit millions of dollars into MY bank account and then give me 50% for helping him……I’ve also apparently won the Nigerian lottery on numerous occasions.

  9. Cybercliper

    The best way I’ve found to get rid of a penis is to ask it to cuddle or take out the garbage!!!

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