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July 27, 2009 | Karin's Blog | 13 comments


I woke up tired from a fabulous birthday party yesterday. My fil turned 75!  And as big family celebrations are want to go, I thanked the Lord for giving me such wonderful gifts!


Like pregnant daughter, the best sil a mom could ask for, and a granddaughter who will make her debut this fall!  Aren’t they perfect?



And how about that handsome dude giving his mama a kiss?  My other son was camera shy and my eldest daughter was as well.  I do have a pic of me with both girls but I look hideouser than the one posted here.  Sorry, vanity trumped proud mama.  I’m so shallow.


I’m still smiling, although my back is killing me.  It took a lot of work to get the yard whipped into shape. But isn’t it gorgeous?  



So, enough about me.  Altho’ I have a surprise for you all.  A query contest!  Staring this Wednesday!  Right here at The Write Life! My very new, very good friend Jody Werner who I met via Margaret Golla’s blog, had a fabo idea.  Here’s a peek:


Query your Day contest. The rules are simple: take a typical day in your life and turn it into a compelling query. Is your life a romance? A mystery? A crime? A fantasy? Give it any sort of spin you’d like. Think of it as a writing exercise that will let us learn a bit more about each other and be entertaining to boot.


Two lucky winners (one randomly drawn, one I select as my personal favorite) can pick the item of their choice featuring the “My Life: Stranger than Fiction” design, here: http://www.cafepress.com/jlwdesigns/6823909 . So….let’s hear about your life! Just post your query entry as a comment to this blog. Don’t obsess over it. Just have FUN.


It will be a hoot.  I’m giving y’all two days notice to write something snappy.  I’ll be running the contest for a week.  I’m thinking on top of Jody’s prizes, I may just pick one or two faves myself and send them off to a few agent friends and maybe an editor or two?  So, hone the query, and be ready to begin posting.  So as not to clog up the comment section of the blog, I’m going to allow only ten queries to post each day and limit it to 200 words or less, but we’ll running the contest for a week, so do the math.  There will be lot’s of opportunities to get your query in!


I’ll post a reminder tomorrow!   I can’t wait this is going to be fun fun fun!





  1. virna

    The query contest sounds awesome, but I loved seeing your fam’s pics best! Glad the weekend went so well!

  2. Jody

    Pick my query! Pick mine!

    Oh, wait. It’s MY contest.


  3. Jill James

    Love the pics. Your yard looks gorgeous, as usual. Sounds like a fun contest.

  4. Edie

    My life would be a comedy. On the good days!

    Great pics! You have a terrific family, and you look gorgeous in the picture.

  5. Caffey

    Karin!! Looks like you’re having a fab summer! I’ve mostly been off since I don’t deal with the heat well! Happy 75th B’day to your FIL! So beautiful seeing these joyous pics from your family! You all look great!
    Your yard is absolutely gorgeous! I must show my hubby and wish, LOL.
    Can you give us an example of what you mean for the contest? I’m not sure what its meant. I’m a reader so I’m thinking this is more for those who want to write, to be an author? If so, then I’ll just read along with you all!

  6. Jody

    Caffey – I’ve written a ‘sample’ query of one of my own days that will be a part of the guest blog here on Wednesday….I’m hopeful that will help. You don’t have to be a writer or even WANT to be a writer to enter (or win).

    If you want a look at my sample query in advance, you can email me at JLW @ sfRedhead dot com (I spelled out that email addy to thwart spammers, hope you can decipher it) and I’ll be happy to send it to you.

  7. B.E. Sanderson

    The contest sounds like a blast. If I enter, I’m going to have to really embellish a few things or everyone is going to think my life is total Dullsville. (Which it is, but no one really needs to know tha… Oops.) ;o)

  8. Jody

    My life is totally dull (just the way I want it), but as you’ll see from my sample Query (tomorrow) I just played that aspect up. 🙂

  9. Jane

    Happy Birthday to your FIL. Great pics.

  10. Caffey

    Will do Jody, thanks!

  11. LaDonna

    Hey Karin, baby girl looks so cute with her tummy! Such a sweet pic of the happy couple too. Glad you had fun at the party, and all your hard work paid off too. The place looks great!

    I’ll be back to read all the fun queries too!

  12. Patricia Barraclough

    I love your back yard. I could sit out there all day reading and writing. Will have to start thinking about my days. Your left out farce and tragedy.

  13. Karin

    🙂 thank you everyone!

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