Heading To The Lake For Some R&R

Not sure if I’m going to have internet or not, but even if I do, I’m not going to be online much.  I need to write and so do the 5 other writer chicks I’m going with.  Of course, we’re going to have to force yourselves to write in between the wine and good times, but somehow, I’m sure, we’ll manage! So, behave while I’m gone and I’ll try to check in later in the week! Karin*… Read more »

Vote For Cynthia Morgan! Pro Liaison, Today!

It’s your civic duty!   I’ve know Doc Cyndi for a long time and cannot think of anyone more qualified for this position.  Read on!   Here’s Cynthia!     Before I talk about me, I want to take a minute and thank Karin for having me here today. From the first day I mentioned I was thinking about running for the RWA Board, Karin has been enthusiastically encouraging me to jump. I looked at the Grand Canyon leap I was about to take…a national officer for a huge professional organization comprised of people I respected (and in some cases fangirl worshiped)…a public election… Read more »

I’ve Got The Sloooowwwwzzzzz

Can’t seem to get it together.   I know exactly why.  Plot issues with my current wip.  When I sold this book, the outline rocked.  But then we decided to add a paranormal element.  And it changed GMC stuff with my hero.  I’m trying really hard to figure out what his primal urge is in this story, and I just can’t quite put my finger on it.  And to go forward, I need to know what that is!   Grrrrr.  Usually I can work these issues out with hubby during our morning walks, but we haven’t been walking.  He gets up way… Read more »

Eye Issue

Some of you already know, late Sunday night my kitty scratched my right eye.  Total accident.  He sleeps next to me, by my head, and always has to have at least one paw touching me.  I woke up around 4 in the a.m. he had both paws on my cheek, he was sound asleep, I had to use the little girls room.  I started to scratch him behind the ears, he liked, stretched and I made the mistake of turning my head right into his semi extended claws, and well, he caught my right eye.  Hurt like a mother!  I… Read more »
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