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August 3, 2009 | Karin's Blog | 48 comments



Okay, so Jody gave it her best shot.  Some of those Query Your Day queries are good!  She’ll pick a winner and we’ll announce on Wednesday, you still have time to write one and post in the comment section.


Jody?  Thank you!!!


Now for a new contest.  This is time sensitive, so put your thinking caps on!  Here’s what I need from your fabulous brains:  Titles.  Titles and more titles! No groaning allowed!  It’s for my new L.O.S.T. series.


Book one, a dark, sexy romantic suspense with paranormal elements, featuring L.O.S.T.’s (Last Option Special Team’s) femme fatal Jax Cassidy, who must not only gain the trust of Marcus Cross, an assassin with dark deadly secrets, but eliminate him and Joseph Lazarus, Marcus’ mentor and creator, an enemy of the state with a bold eye on the White House.  Things get complicated when Jax falls for Cross, and discovers he’s a vampire who is quickly rising to the top of Lazarus’ dark empire.


We are looking for something dark, edgy and sexy.  Blood is ok in the title but we are looking for something a little more unique and hooking.


The pressie to the person who rocks my editor’s world?  A $10 BN gift card, a pound of See’s candy!  And your pick of any one of my books.  Signed of course. 


Are you game?  Ready, set, Go! We have until Thursday to kick this title thing’s ass!




  1. Mary

    Forbidden Desire

  2. Jill James

    Dark Empire

    Can’t wait for you to write these!!

  3. Jill James

    Dark Rising

  4. Fedora

    Hmm… anything in particular you want to emphasize? And do you have a series title, or is that LOST?

    – Dark Secrets
    – Rising Passions
    – Hidden in Her Heart
    – Dark Odds
    – Cross My Heart
    – By My Hand
    – Don’t Cross Me
    – Killing Passions

    Gotta find my thinking cap, Karin!

  5. Jane

    Mercenary of Honor

  6. sara hurt

    okay IM giving it my best shot.

    Taboo Passions
    A Taboo Thirst
    Criminal Desires
    The Forbidden Rogue
    A Sinister Thirst

  7. Jody

    Blood Lines

    Because lines are drawn, lines are crossed, and lines become blurred…..

  8. Karin Tabke

    Keep them coming, goils!

  9. Edie

    Deadly Passions
    Secrets Can Kill You
    Deadly Desires
    Fatal Passions
    Fatal Desire
    Desire That Kills

  10. Hubby

    Dark Influence
    Blood Contract
    Desire’s Feast
    Forbidden Blood
    Love’s Assassin
    Assassin’s Feast
    The Bloodletting

    Everything You Always Wanted to Know About A Vampire Assassin *but were afraid to ask…

  11. virna

    Death Pact
    Blood Pact
    Soul Pact

    Unearthed Assassin
    Last Rites
    Death Vision
    Shadowed Intent
    Death Mist
    Affair With Death
    Harbinger Of Blood
    Death Shroud
    Love’s Shroud
    Compelled By Blood
    Blood Compulsion

    Blood Judgment
    Soul Judgment
    Lethal Judgment

    Blood Shroud
    Blood Feast
    Blood Calling
    Blood Ritual
    Blood Prayer
    Blood Edict
    Blood Foe
    Blood Slayer
    Blood Enemy
    Blood Soldier

    Soldier Of Revenge
    Soldier Of Passion
    Soldier Of Death

    Dark Soldier
    Dark Slayer
    Dark Foe
    Dark Enemy

  12. virna

    Assassin’s Secret
    Assassin’s Shroud
    Unearthed Assassin
    Last Rites
    Death Vision
    Shadowed Intent
    Death Mist
    Affair With Death
    Harbinger Of Blood
    Death Shroud
    Love’s Shroud
    Compelled By Blood
    Blood Compulsion

    Death Pact
    Blood Pact
    Soul Pact
    Kill Pact

    Blood Judgment
    Soul Judgment
    Lethal Judgment

    Blood Fate
    Bloody Destiny
    Blood Shroud
    Blood Feast
    Blood Calling
    Blood Ritual
    Blood Prayer
    Blood Edict
    Blood Foe
    Blood Slayer
    Blood Enemy
    Blood Soldier

    Soldier Of Revenge
    Soldier Of Passion
    Soldier Of Death

    Dark Soldier
    Dark Slayer
    Dark Foe
    Dark Enemy
    Dark Edict
    Dark Ritual
    Dark Secrets

  13. Bella

    OMG – these are hard acts to follow! OK

    Crossing Jax
    Crossing Lust
    Crossing the Line
    Whispering Cross
    Surrendering Jax
    Jax, Lost
    Dark Crossing
    Edge of the Cross
    Double Cross
    Taboo Cross
    Dark Empire
    Lost Lust
    Lost Secret
    Her Lost Cross
    Finding Cross
    Caressing Cross
    Lost Caress
    Kissing Cross

    Hey, this is hard! LOL

    Soooooo exciting about the new series Karin!


  14. Hubby

    Geez, Virna! You must really like See’s Candies!

  15. HollyD

    Honor or Betrayal
    Betrayal of Honor
    Honored Secrets
    Deadly Secrets

  16. virna

    You have no idea, K’s Hubby. See’s Candy = Heaven. 🙂 Sorry for the duplicate posts–I was getting spammed!

  17. Lynn R.

    Luckily, Bella DIDN’T come up with the (pitiful) one I thought of: Jax’s Cross. I don’t think I’ve ever had See’s Candies!



  18. booklover1335

    Lethal Desires
    Lethal Passions
    Lethal Cravings
    Lethal Hunger

    Clandestine Cravings
    Clandestine Passions
    Clandestine Desires
    Clandestine Hearts

    Sinister Cravings
    Sinister Desires
    Sinister Secrets
    Hunger for Sin

    That’s the best I can do for now, but I’ll keep thinking about it and maybe come back with more

  19. RachieG

    Jeesh, I got late to the party! Anyway, good luck with your title search. Here are a few I thought of!

    Double Cross
    Burning Cross
    Lost Passions
    Last Temptations or Lost Temptations
    Lost Thirsts

  20. Jody

    Holy criz-ap!!! Do you people have random-title-generating software or something??? Where were y’all for MY contest? Geez, I should have known to offer the See’s candie as a prize…… 🙂

  21. Jody


    “There are many paths into darkness, many roads that lead into the twilight realms of shadow and light that we call home. Caught between the brightness of the burning sun and the cold, chill of the dark night. We are the human and and the monster, the good and the evil. We are the embodiment of purgatory, basking eternally in the nether regions between life and death – being neither, but mastering both.

    We are that monstrous other that haunts your fevered dreams, that which you believe you do not believe in. We are all around you, although you feel our presence only in the blackest recesses of your mortal soul – the icy spot on the stairs, the flicker of shadow outside your window, the luminous eyes that stalk you in the night. We are the bearers of the dark magic that is both our blessing and our curse.

    We are Necromancers.”

    If I knew who had written this, I would give them credit. But I don’t.

  22. RobynL

    Master of Deception
    A Cross to Bear
    Entwined Affair
    Triple Play
    Bloody Secrets
    To Trust an Enemy
    Eat Crow
    Killer of False Identities

  23. RobynL

    The Course of Destruction
    This Path Leads to Destruction
    Running Out of Time
    Destroying the Enemy
    When Romance Gets in the Way
    When Romance Hinders
    False Claims

  24. kh

    the dark lover
    knight lover
    blood red
    night to dark
    the dark kiss
    kiss of night
    love in the dark
    the darkesst night
    night of flight
    bloody night
    night lovers
    lover ins the dark

  25. Karin Tabke

    You ladies are freaking amazing! AMAZING! Keep them coming! frankly i can’t just give the goodies away to one of you, so i’m going to put the names of everyone whose titles didn’t get picked by my editor into a drawing for See’s candy and another goody.

    Keep them coming!! We have until Thursday!

  26. Karin Tabke

    lol, too funny, Jody, I forgot to mention romance writers and readers LOVE chocolate.

  27. RobynL

    Sexy Elimination Process
    An Avenue of Trust
    Romantic Notions Aside
    A Recipe for disaster
    The Eve of Destruction
    Stormy Expedition
    Lip Locked Capture

  28. Jody

    Great, tell me about the chocolate thing NOW Karin….that would have been a handy little piece of information to have LAST week. 🙂

  29. B.E. Sanderson

    Apologies if any of these are repeats:

    Playing Jax
    The Vampire Cross
    LOST in the Dark (which could be carried through the other books in the series…)
    Lethal Aspirations
    Deadly Politics
    Cross in the Blood
    The Assassin’s Cross
    The Lazarus Gambit

    Okay, my brain’s empty.

  30. Fedora

    Whoa… way to inspire creativity, Karin! The promise of chocolate is a powerful motivator! 😉

  31. J. Carson Black

    I’m always late to the party.

    How about:


    He’s Not that in to You—Yet

    The Red Cross Chronicles

    The Cross Chronicles, Book One: The Wrong Side of the Bed

    Hot Cross Buns

    Bloody, Dark, Hideous Torment That Goes on for an Awful Long Time, Plus a Little on the Side

  32. Maureen

    Here are mine:

    Soul Hunting
    Soul to Steal
    Night Hunter
    Danger’s Edge
    Immortal Prey
    Dark Kingdom Rising
    Hunter in the Night
    Immortal Seduction
    Fallen Pleasure
    Fallen Hunter

  33. Natalie Murphy

    Assassin’s Thirst
    Assassin’s Desire

  34. J. Carson Black

    There’s Something About Lazarus

    The Last Fangdango

    Pint of No Return

  35. Hubby

    You had to start it didn’t you, Jake.

    Bite Me If You Can
    Bite Me!
    Bite Back Mountain
    The Unbiteables
    The Long Goodbite
    Looking For Mr. Goodbite
    Lady and the Vamp
    Vlady Draca and the Blood Factory
    Guess Who He’s Having For Dinner
    How To Lose A Vampire In 10 Days
    Burn After Biting
    The Sum of All Bites
    Fear of Biting
    A Mouthful of Flesh
    For A Few Bites More
    The Vamp, the Were and the Shifter
    Curious Case of Vlad the Assassin
    What Happens in Transilvania…
    Failure To Bite
    Wedding Slashers
    Message In A Transfusion
    Must Love Vampires
    Sleepless in Transilvania
    When Harry Bit Sally
    There’s Something About Vlady

    That should do for awhile…

  36. J. Carson Black


    When Harry Bit Sally – sweet!

    You are Thirst Among Equals.

  37. Amy Atwell

    The Wild Side
    Wake Up On The Wild Side

  38. Melanie Atkins

    Karin, your hubby is too funny. LMAO!

    What about:

    Lethal Thirst
    The Power and the Blood
    Absolute Bloodlust

  39. Edie

    Karin, give hubby the chocolates! I love his titles!

  40. Hubby

    Jake – I just try to sink my teeth into everything I do… You gotta take a bite out of life, you know?

  41. Bella

    LMAO! Hubby, you’re a keeper! [“sink my teeth into everything I do…//bite out of life…”] Not to mention the titles! ROFL!

    I’m with Edie — See’s for Hubby!


  42. Liz Kreger

    After reading these, I don’t dare try coming up with any. They’re all fabulous. And I agree … hubby wins.

  43. Karin Tabke

    Hubby, you still make me laugh after all these years! I love you.

  44. Karin

    There have been some really great offerings…especially Hubby’s. Gotta love ’em!

    Here are the ones I came up with:
    Deadly Seduction
    Seducing Death
    Seduced by Death
    Desired by Death
    Dark Power Rising
    No Turning Back

  45. Gail

    Ok I’m late but what about:
    L.O.S.T.’s Operation: Deadly Cross OR
    Sanguine Cross OR
    Cross of Lazarus
    I don’t think I duplicated any listed above.

    BTW your Hubby is a riot-I love his humor. He must keep you smiling all day.

  46. Fedora

    I’m with Edie and Bella, Hubby gets the See’s 😉 LOL! What a keeper, Karin!

  47. Donna

    The hubster is a hoot!

    gotta keep a man like that…

    instead of the See’s

    give him a pint of blood…

  48. RobynL

    High Kickin’ Revenge
    Double Cross Encounter
    When Good and Evil Meet
    Dark Realm Encounters

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