Catching Up. Sort Of.

Before I say anything, I just want to mention how saddened I am by Kate Duffy’s passing.  She was a pioneer in publishing.  She wasn’t one to sit idly by and ride the wave that was cresting. Nope, Kate made waves. Big ones, and everyone rode behind her.  While I never had the pleasure of working with Kate, I knew her.  She was my smoking buddy at conferences.  She was golden. I’m sure she’s up there looking down through the clouds tsk-tsking us all as she’s whipping those angels into a frenzy.  After all, if there weren’t romance novels in… Read more »


Weeelll, the baby shower went off without a glitch!  And I’m exhausted.  But it’s a good exhausted.  I also waded through a boatload of receipts and bank statements last week.   I feel like I’ve been out of touch with everyone, hopefully that will change this week.  I have a few things to wrap up today and tomorrow then I’ll be hitting the keyboard hard.  I need to move forward on my story.  I really love it, and can’t wait to get back to Marcus and Jax! As soon as my daughter emails me the pics she took at the shower… Read more »

Oh, What a Night!

Monday Night Football.  The season premier of Castle.  Dancing with the Stars, aaaand, the Monday night comedy lineup!   What’s a girl to do?!    DVR that’s what.  I’ll start watching the football game, then DVR Castle upstairs, DVR comedy lineup downstairs (which hubby will be watching), and watch DWTS upstairs.   After the 11 o’clock news, I’ll watch Castle, while hubby will be upstairs watching Leno that he recorded earlier. He does that.  He watches Jay now at 11:30, just like the old days.  He’s never liked Conan, I’ve never minded him, but with the exception of his premiere week, I haven’t… Read more »


My plate runneth over.  I’ll surface when some of this stress is behind me. Hopefully that will be soon.   In the meantime, don’t forget about me!   Karin*… Read more »
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