Oh, What a Night!

September 21, 2009 | Karin's Blog | 15 comments


Monday Night Football.  The season premier of Castle.  Dancing with the Stars, aaaand, the Monday night comedy lineup!   What’s a girl to do?! 


DVR that’s what.  I’ll start watching the football game, then DVR Castle upstairs, DVR comedy lineup downstairs (which hubby will be watching), and watch DWTS upstairs.


After the 11 o’clock news, I’ll watch Castle, while hubby will be upstairs watching Leno that he recorded earlier. He does that.  He watches Jay now at 11:30, just like the old days.  He’s never liked Conan, I’ve never minded him, but with the exception of his premiere week, I haven’t watched his show.  I wonder if it’ll make it?  Will Jay go back to late night?  And who will be the first to get kicked off of DWTS?



So, what are you watching tonight?  Oh, and did you hear that Maks am Karina broke up?  L





  1. HollyD

    I’m so happy Castle returns tonight. Tomorrow is NCIS night. Thank goodness.

  2. Liz Kreger

    Okay, I’m totally clueless. Dare I admit that I rarely watch television? Never saw DWTS, Amer. Idol, Survivor, NCIS or any of other shows that seem so necessary. Am I deprived? I’ll watch football ‘pon occasion, but not much else really interests me enough to make the time to get into it.

  3. Laurie Kap

    I have to DVR almost all of it – crazy great night for TV. Castle, 2 and a half men, The big Bang Theory, House & Dancing w/ the Stars – WOW

  4. B.E. Sanderson

    MNF!! Yay! I can’t wait. Tuesdays are my hard night. NCIS, The Biggest Loser, and the World Series of Poker all on the same night. Oh, and Warehouse 13, which my daughter got me into watching. Thank goodness they rerun the WSOP and the Warehouse 13 sometime before the next Tuesday.

    Crud, and I just remembered that the new NCIS spin-off is premiering tomorrow, too. Arrgghh.

  5. Edie

    I never watched Castle, but I’ll watch it tonight and see why everyone loves it. I’m not a big House fan — I love the character, but the plots are so predictable. But tonight is a 2 hour special, and he’s in a mental hospital. It might be interesting.

  6. Fedora

    No! Really?? Oh boy… that reminds me, I’d better go check the TiVo to make sure it’s recording all this!! Happy Monday, Karin!

  7. virna

    I haven’t watched Castle or DWTS. I’ll have to record one and try it out! I saw your post on MSW on your upcoming babyshower. I should have known you’d do it up in such a big way. 🙂 Sounds LOVELY!

  8. Bonnie H

    Football is actually the only thing I PLAN to watch on TV – the other stuff I see by default because hubby is watching or something. I’m just not much of a TV person. But I gotta have my football!!! LOL

  9. Joy

    So, what are you watching tonight?

    (Mondays are reserved for CBS – HIMYM/ Big Bang Theory / Two and a half me / csi Miami – Saw Accidentally on Purpose (not impressed)

    Oh, and did you hear that Maks am Karina broke up?
    (he is so torn up – he is ready for kids , she isnt – she broke it off & then they had to dance together for the Emmy’s – AWKWARD!)

  10. Hubby

    Got home too late from practice to catch the game. Sounded like a good one, damnit! Recorded the CBS comedy line starting at 7 on the valley channel, watched last weeks Sons of Anarchy and now time for Jay recorded at 10, who needs Conhead and Letterass…

  11. Terry Odell

    We are so out of it. We still have a VCR (which taped Castle last night). I was working on edits all day, so I didn’t watch any TV at all.

    But tonight, I hope to catch NSIS ‘live’. Both of them.

    And I want to watch Castle so I can then go over to Lee Lofland’s Graveyard Shift blog and see his take on the cop side of things.

  12. Jane

    I watched DWTS. The women dance tonight, but I have to watch NCIS.

  13. Karin Tabke

    Ok, so those of you who watched DWTS, what did you think of the guys?
    I thought Aaron was way over the top, and it came across as almost like, “Hey, look at me aren’t I awesome?”

    Donny to with his first dance, and y’all know how much I LOVE Donny. His Latin dance was much better. Chuck the fighter guy was too damn cute he tried so hard! I just smiled the entire time he danced. I think he might make the cut this week but he really needs to loosen up if he’s going to make past this week. Tom Delay was hard to watch. Too boring. None of the others stood out for me. I hope the goils do better tonight.

    I thoroughly enjoyed Castle. NF is too cute for words. Yes, the show is campy and over the top but I love that guy and the chick? whatshername? I like her better this season than last season.

    I haven’t had a chance to watch the comedy lineup, but from hubby’s laughter all night, I think I’ll enjoy.

  14. Karin Tabke

    It’s very well known I don’t care for foul-mouthed youngsters, and before you say I’m calling the kettle black, coz we all know I can have a potty mouth, to me, when kids spout off eff bombs and other not so nice lingo, and are disrespectful to their parents with profanity and to their elders, they lose me, never to get me back again.

    But I have to admit, Kelly Osbourne won me over last night. I wish her nothing but the absolute best, and watching Sharon cry with pride and happiness made me cry with pride and happiness.

    Go Kelly!

    I predict Tom Delay and Macy will hit the road

  15. Jody

    I rarely turn on the TV either – including the news – so if there’s ever a meteor hurtling toward earth, would one of y’all please email or call me and let me know?

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