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September 29, 2009 | Karin's Blog | 10 comments


Before I say anything, I just want to mention how saddened I am by Kate Duffy’s passing.  She was a pioneer in publishing.  She wasn’t one to sit idly by and ride the wave that was cresting. Nope, Kate made waves. Big ones, and everyone rode behind her.  While I never had the pleasure of working with Kate, I knew her.  She was my smoking buddy at conferences.  She was golden. I’m sure she’s up there looking down through the clouds tsk-tsking us all as she’s whipping those angels into a frenzy.  After all, if there weren’t romance novels in heaven before Sunday, you can be damned sure there will be soon!  I wonder what she’ll name her newest imprint?  Rest in Peace, Kate.


I also wanted to thank everyone who asked about my daughter here and privately.  She’s fine.  Baby is fine. Granny?  Well, she has a few more grey hairs today than she did when she woke up yesterday, but she’s surviving.  Also, my eldest daughter is going through 181 pictures she took at the shower and resizing them.  Hopefully I’ll have something to show you soon.  My living room looks like a Bay’s R Us showroom.  The kid made out:  A beautiful cherry wood crib and changer, an every day stroller plus a Jeep jogging stroller, high chair, baby shower and spa. Yes, a spa! Bottles, brushes, shampoos, lotions, bunting, a mattress, dozens and dozens of outfits, oodles of sleepers, blankets, terry towels and wash cloths.  Oh, and a Juicy Baby Couture bag.  Yes, she had to have it, and she got it.  She received an ExcerSaucer, a Baby By Your Side, cute stuffed animals, bottles, bottle sterilizer, some kind of torpedo shaped dirty diaper thing that is supposed to keep all stink contained (I’ll believe that when I don’t smell poopy diapers!)gift certificates and lots and lots of diapers.  I know I’ve forgotten stuff.  This Sunday she has another shower, this one thrown by her coworkers and her friends. I’m thinking there won’t be much this baby will need after the next shower.


This morning I took some time for myself and had brunch with my friends Chandra, Poppy and Virna.  They helped me get through a few sticking points on my L.O.S.T. story.  Thank you, ladies!   I love my friends!  LOVE! THEM! 


I’m looking forward to DWTS tonight. I’m thinking Kathy Ireland will go.  Are they eliminating two?  Hmm, if they are, maybe Tom, or Michael, or maybe even Chuck?  Nah, not Chuck, he tries too hard and has the crowd behind him.  Who do you think will go?  And wasn’t Castle a hoot last night?  I know, I know, campy and over the top, but I just can’t help but smile the entire hour.  And with this icky economy and other stressors, a smile for me is worth a million bucks!


So, speaking of smiles, and this is going to be a corny question, but with all the negatives swirling around us today, what makes you smile in spite of it all?





  1. Fedora

    So sorry about the sad news, Karin. When my kids spontaneously give me a hug, that’s always a welcome upper. Also, hearing them laughing their little heads off about who-knows-what is also a great pleasure 🙂 Hooray for your daughter and her upcoming bundle of joy!

    Must watch the Tivoed DWTS from last night before watching tonight’s!

  2. HollyD

    I’m so happy pregnant daughter & baby are doing well. Make sure she gets plenty of rest and doesn’t stay on her feet too long.

    My family (including the pets) and my friends make me smile. I was also happy watch the new NCIS tonight and during a commercial for a Halloween haunted house I came up w/ an idea for my next story.

  3. Edie

    I just smiled reading Joy’s comment. I’ll have to check out her cat link.

    I was feeling good and smiling just walking my dog today — and then we ran into a poodle and my dog tried to rip my arm off to get to it. My smile did not last.

    So glad your daughter and baby are doing well. Everything is turning out the way it should. 🙂

  4. Bonnie H

    Reading a good book in the peace and quiet of my room makes me SMILE 😀
    YOU make me smile, and the friends and family I am blessed with. The beautiful blue sky and crisp almost-autumn weather makes me smile.
    My grandson makes me smile smile SMILE!!!!

  5. ArkansasCyndi

    What makes me laugh and feel good is watching the dogs chase each other with loud barks and growls.

    Kate’s new line in Heaven…couldn’t we have fun naming that?

    Angel Tales
    Heavenly Romance
    God’s Bravo
    The Devil’s Naughty Tales

  6. Billi Jean

    What makes me smile? Watching my four year old daughter sing the Lion King and get that happy, excited look on her face. Cracks me up and is just so cute, I wish I could keep her little forever!

    🙂 billi jean

  7. Margaret

    What makes me smile?

    Seeing my kiddo after being gone for six days in Canada. I couldn’t get enough hugs!

  8. B.E. Sanderson

    Sorry for your loss, Karin. From what I’ve read, she sounded like a hell of a gal.

    What makes me smile? My husband’s sense of humor, when my daughter and I goof around, the cat playing with her own tail. I also love watching the neighborhood squirrels scamper all over collecting nuts for the winter. And the geese flying overhead on their way south. This morning it was how the sunrise dipped the clouds in a soft pink.

    The world has so many things worth smiling about. Thanks for reminding the blogosphere to remember them, Karin. (See. You made me smile, too.) =o)

  9. LaDonna

    Good gravy, did I miss something? So glad your baby girl is fine, Karin. We’d be lost without them, that’s for sure.

    And I never met Kate Duffy, but read about her passing earlier. She was the very first editor to write a personal note to me on a rejection back in the early nineties I think it was. Her line at the time was for a smaller word count, but she took the time to compliment my work and to say, keep keepin’ on! Priceless! I always remembered that kindness, and wanted to meet her one day. And now it’s too late.

    I smile because I’m happy! My family, grandkid smiles, being married to the same sweet guy all these years, my stories, great friends… the list is endless. oops, forgot the granddogs. I love them too!

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