Baby Shower Pics!

October 9, 2009 | Karin's Blog | 22 comments

We had such a great time!  Isn’t that cake GORGEOUS?!  It was delish too!



First stop!



This was just the tip of the iceberg!


I’ll post more pics over the weekend!


Ciao for now,








  1. HollyD

    It looks great and she looks gorgeous. I’m glad everything went well.

  2. Joy

    What a freaking beautiful cake! Daughter looks very very happy

  3. Edie

    Wow! That cake looks like a work of art. Yummy, too. Your daughter looks like a happy mama-to-be.

  4. Jill James

    What a beautiful day and a beautiful mommy-to-be.

  5. cathryn fox

    Karin, wow, just gorgeous!! Can’t wait to see more!

  6. Lisa Hughey

    jeez it’s all gorgeous…can’t wait until my kids get married and have babies so I can have pretty parties like this!! 🙂 (umm wait maybe I should take that back… can’t wait until ten or so years from now when my kids get married and have babies-yes, I like the sound of that oh so much better)

  7. Karin Tabke

    thnx goils, it was really special.
    i worked my ass off! so did my mil and aunt. I have some pics of outsidee i’ll post a little later.

  8. Jane

    Ooh, I see the Juicy Couture shopping bag.

  9. Karin Tabke

    my daughter called a little while ago. “Mom! I had a contraction!” lol. so i told her to time them.

    oh no she just called again! 30 min apart. Looong way to go.

    gawd, i think i need a drink. i so thought i was ready for this.

  10. Karin Tabke

    Yep, Jane, she wanted that juicy baby bag, and she got it.

  11. J. Carson Black

    Wow, Karin – this is happening fast! First the sumptuous cake and the presents, and now the contractions?!!!

    I’m sending you guys good thoughts—to your beautiful daughter and her husband, to all your family. Here’s to clear sailing and a cute little one!

  12. Jan Kenny

    Gorgeous cake and decorations! But your daughter steals the show. She’s a beautiful mom-to-be! Congrats. 🙂

  13. Gail S

    Wow the cake is absolutely beautiful and so is your daughter! She looks fabulous and so happy. Congratulations. Looks like the party was a huge success.

  14. Karin Tabke

    no more contractions. whew.

  15. B.E. Sanderson

    Everything looks lovely, Karin, and your daughter looks so happy. I’m glad the party was awesome, and that her contractions stopped so you have more time to get used to the idea. =o)

    I have to ask: Are those real or candy flowers on the cake? I’m constantly amazed at what cake people can do with a little fondant and sugar.

  16. Karin Tabke

    Beth those are fresh flowers.

  17. Fedora

    What incredible photos, Karin! Your daughter’s gorgeous–sounds like you had a great time celebrating! 🙂

  18. Carol Luce

    Karin, not only is the cake gorgeous, but so is the photo. I thought it was the cover shot of a cake magazine or cookbook!

    I love it that today’s mothers-to-be wear clothes that show off their rounded bellies instead of trying to hide it with tent-like smocks. She looks radiant–and ready.

  19. Terry Odell

    Those pix are great – worth the $11.95 I have to pay for Internet access at this hotel!

  20. LaDonna

    Karin, everything is so beautiful! And your baby girl, what a happy smile. I bet she got her tummy patted too. 😆

    I’m so happy for you, and can’t wait to see your blog headline when the baby arrives. What a lucky bundle that’s coming..

  21. Donna

    What a lovely shower…everything looks elegant, delicious, and I wish every happiness for the lucky baby.

  22. Jennifer

    Karin, soooo beautiful is your daughter, truly. Who did the cake? I shared pic of cake with Amanda, loves it!!! Everything looks like it was perfect, i’m sure the little one will be too!!!

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