November 3, 2009 | Karin's Blog | 9 comments


No baby yet!   But I have insider information that says, soon.  Very very soon!


Say a prayer all goes well and in a couple of days I’ll have a picture of my granddaughter to post!


Now?  I need to get back to this book!





  1. Edie

    I’m praying! I’m eager to see that baby picture. And the book. 🙂

  2. Liz Kreger

    Baby Watch!

  3. Theresa

    Woo-Hoo Karin,

    Sending *easy delivery* baby vibes.

    Can’t wait to see the newest addition to your family!

  4. HollyD

    Karin – Sending happy thoughts to you and the whole family.

  5. B.E. Sanderson

    Positive thoughts are winging their way westward for a quick, easy labor and a healthy baby. =o)

  6. Terry Odell

    Will be waiting! Good thoughts.

  7. LaDonna

    Whoo Hoo, Karin! Love the Baby Watch update. Sending warm light and positive thoughts that your little angel will arrives safely and makes an appearance soon. I know how anxious you are to hold that precious baby girl. I’m smiling for you. 🙂

  8. Ali

    I’m praying 🙂 Hope all goes well.

  9. J. Carson Black

    Good thoughts, Karin, for all of you, and a Grand Debut by baby!

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