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November 20, 2009 | Karin's Blog | 6 comments

It’s been a good week, despite the Harlequin cluster fuck.  Which btw I think in the end is going to shake more things up and in a good way.  I LOVE how so many writer’s associations are banning together to say, “Hey, enough.  This vanity press stuff stinks and if you insist on continuing with this business model you get nuttin’ from us.” 


Hey, I get it, this economy sux.  We all need to reinvent the wheel and make some cash, but vanity publishing is only good for the publisher.  I know Torstar is hurting.  Their shining light of profit is all wrapped up in Harlequin Enterprises. Now, they are jeopardizing that profit by smarmy business practices.  I feel bad for the H/S authors. I know they are disappointed in their publisher.  Hang in there, ladies, once the dust has settled, methinks this will have been a huge lesson learned for many. 


Rock on RWA for upholding policy (but I never doubted that you wouldn’t, what surprises me is those who are surprised by your integrity!). RWA BOD, I salute your dedication, hard work and sacrifice!


So, my granddaughter is way cute!  Too damn cute for her own good.  She’s a good baby and my daughter and sil are doting parents.  Love having them here and love the new baby smell.  We’ve had lot’s of visitors this week.  Hah, they weren’t two steps in the door before we Purelled them to death.  We have that stuff at every turn in the house.  If anyone has the slightest runny nose, cough or sniffle they are banned!  For Life!  Okay, not for life but until they have a doctor’s note releasing them.  Snerk. Ok we aren’t that bad, but no sickies allowed!


There’s more good news coming out of this week: My vera good friend, Jami Alden, sold three books to Grand Central!  Whoo hoo, Jami! My friend Jaci Burton sold two books to MIRA. Go, Jaci!


Annnnd, drum roll please! My uber good friend, Virna de Paul, made her first sale to Berkley this week!  Two books to be released in 2011.  I’m so excited for her.  She has worked so damn hard and the hard work paid off in spades.  Go, Virna!!!


Congrats, ladies! I’m very happy for you!


Hubby’s football season is over so I have him hanging around, which is nice.  He says he’s going to write.  We shall see about that.  And speaking of writing, I’m moving along with my wip.  I really love my h/h. Love the story, the concept, the everything. 


So that’s about it for me. 


What’s everyone got planned for Thanksgiving?





  1. J. Carson Black

    Congratulations to Jami, Jaci and Virna! Special props to Virna on her debut!

    Tamales for Thanksgiving—just Glenn, my mom, and me. We’re going to the south side of town to get the real thing.

    So happy to hear how well Gianna’s doing, in her baby-soft sweet perfection.

  2. Edie

    Congrats to Jami, Jaci and Virna! Virna must still be dancing! That sounds fabulous.

    I’m getting new grandbaby envy. They’re so cute when they’re tiny.

    We’re going to my FIL’s for Thanksgiving. I’m making sweet potato casserole. No marshmallows in mine. lol

  3. HollyD

    I’m so glad everyone is doing well. I’m surprised you let the little one out of your arms long enough to write.

    Congrats to Jami, Jaci, & Virna.

    We always go to hubby’s aunt’s house for Thanksgiving. Everyone brings a dish and there are 2 large turkeys for about 30 people. We’re a smaller group this year 6 cousins & their families can’t make it.

    Karin – I hope your family enjoys the 1st Thanksgiving w/ the new addition.

  4. virna

    Karin–thank so much for the shout out! You’re the best. Glad Gianna and all are doing well. Congrats to Jami and Jaci, and thanks to everyone who wished us well!

  5. Terry Odell

    Thanksgiving – DD & SIL are visiting his parents at their timeshare within 30 minutes of here, so hubby and I will join them for Turkey Day. I have to bring “our” family stuffing, but other than that, it should be a good day. And since we’re still trying to sell the house, not creating a disaster kitchen is a Good Thing.

    If DD wasn’t in town, we’d probably go out. (see reference to house for sale & kitchen disaster above).


  6. Liz Kreger

    Excitin’ news about Jami, Jaci and Virna. WTG ladies. Congrats.

    Too funny about sterilizing guests (okay, I supposed I shouldn’t say “sterilize”. LOL) but you’re dreamin’ if you think you’re gonna keep the germs at bay. Little kids and germs go hand in hand. You may as well get used to it.

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