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November 25, 2009 | Karin's Blog | 16 comments

May everyone who reads this blog have a wonderful, joyous, tryptophan induced day tomorrow. Here’s to good company, good food, and a great nap after the engorgement!

My one regret about tomorrow? I won’t be able to hug my brother. It’s kind of hard to do that 3K miles away. Bro’ I love you! And I’ll call!!

But to fill that gap for me this year is my lovely granddaughter Gianna. She is such a joy to me. Her uncle and soon to be godfather spent the night last night. He’s 6’2” 250 lbs has hands the size of catcher’s mitts and wears a size 14 shoe. He played O line in high school and college. He is a big boy. To watch him coo and rock his 8 pound niece was priceless. He helped with her bath this morning, and well, I could not stop laughing at his falsetto voice every time he talked to Gianna. It was priceless. I am sooo damn thankful for this morning. The image of my son, his sister and her baby will stay with me forever.

Jeff and Gianna

Jeff and Gianna

I have a lot going on here. Times are tough for many. Tougher on some more for others. In the last year, as a family, we have had some rough patches, but as I look back and review how we all handled the adversity, my heart gets all warm and squishy. We have galvanized as a family. Having my daughter and son-in-law here has cemented our relationship for the rest of our lives. My son-in-law is a wonderful young man who I could not love more if I gave birth to him and whom I could not hurt if the fate of the free world was at stake. And my daughter. Wow, she has stepped up so much and blossomed into a wonderful woman. She’s a tigress with her baby and family just as I am. Go figure. I love it! I’ve watched my youngest son grow in leaps and bounds as a young man who still has miles to go, but for the first time in his life, I’m not so worried. I have seen glimpses of the great man he will one day be.

Today I visited my eldest son’s house for the first time since he moved in with two buddies earlier this year. I have not been ‘allowed’ over because well, it’s a singles pad for three hot properties. But today I just forced myself in. And yes, the house was a mess. But, it wasn’t disgusting. Well, except for the empty taquitos box in the tableless and chairless dinning room, and the splatter on the wall by the overflowing trash can in the kitchen, and the empty casserole of whatever someone recently ate, and the food left outside by the grill along with the mustard and ketchup and all of the empty beer bottles on the beer pong table. Bathroom? Not going to go there. I asked my son where they ate, his answer, “On the couch or standing up.” Okay. I managed to step fully into his bedroom. I was amazed I could get the door open wide enough to do so. ‘Nough said.

My son has a cat, Mrs. Kensington, Kensy for short, who he has had since she was still on a bottle. She is adorable and I’m sure living with three bachelors is not easy for her, but I watched her love up all over my boy while we were there. He loved her back. He’s a good boy, with a good heart, a young man who still has miles of oats to sew, but I’m sure when he hits his thirties he’s going to make a great husband and father. I could not be more proud of him. For that I am thankful.

My eldest daughter still struggles but she is on the right path. Back in school with a goal in sight. She, like her siblings, has a warm heart. She is sensitive and loves animals. She is a gentle soul who once she realizes all of the power she possesses will blast off.

My husband, still, after all these years, makes me laugh. He makes the best coffee and makes it for me every morning. He puts up with me, and that is not an easy task. Even I can’t tolerate me the way he can. He is my go-to guy. He gets me. He is the one and only person on this earth that I trust with my heart and soul. I know he would never intentionally hurt me. I know he would die for me. I know he would move mountains not to see me cry. Every hero I write carries a part of him.

There really is nothing more that I need in this life. If my house was taken away, and my cars and my lovely bling, if I never sold another book, if I was stripped of every possession I own, it would be ok. I have my family, and to realize they are all I need or really want, is a priceless gift. I am so thankful for them.

The birth of my granddaughter made me take off my sunglasses and see the true light of my life. I am profoundly changed by the miracle of her birth. So much doesn’t matter and all that does matter, matters even more.

There is only one other aspect of my life that comes close to mattering like my family and that is you, my friends. Those who I have met in cyberspace, and my dear friends who I see and who put up with me in real life. It’s really my honor, and privilege, and I mean that from the bottom of my heart. What a family we are!

So, Family, go forth and pig out on turkey, have a wonderful day with those you love, and I’ll see y’all in a few days! And for those who are traveling, travel safe!




  1. Kendra

    Karin, this was beautiful! And just what I needed to be reminded about before gathering with family tomorrow. Thank you.

  2. HollyD

    Wow, I started crying reading this. I’m thankful for my husband, our children, and my in-laws. Most of my own family has passed on.

    I’m thankful for the small roof we live under because it keeps us dry, warm, and safe. I’m thankful that my van fits our entire household, hubby’s car doesn’t. I’m thankful that we have food and clothes. I’m thankful that there will be X-Mas presents under the tree like every year.

    I’m also thankful for friends I see, and friends on the web, like you, Karin.

    It sounds like your family is all set to enjoy your granddaughter’s first Thanksgiving.

  3. Karin Tabke

    Hey, Kendra! Its funny, my intention was not to get all sappy, but just to wish everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving, but my emotions go in the way. I’m glad it gave you a boost. Be safe and enjoy the day!

  4. Karin Tabke

    No tears, Holly!!!

    Oh, geez, now, *I’m* tearing up reading your entire comment! Hugs hugs and more hugs! Hugs to your hubby too for his service to our country and more hugs to you for holding down the fort when he has been gone and for being the true blue good person you are. I hope we can meet at RT or National next year, Holly. Happy Thanksgiving.

  5. Donna

    Ah, that first grandbaby is precious. I had lunch with her, her boyfriend, another grandson and two sons and a daughter. It was a great day.

    Giving thanks for those you love and who love you back with all your wrinkles and warts is a necessary part of life. We need to appreciate those people every day.

  6. Edie

    Great, great blog, Karin. I felt the love.

    I had a terrific morning with my grandson today. He wanted me to name the hero in my WIP after him, so I changed the hero’s name. lol Then my son came to pick him up, and we had a group hug. Tomorrow my hubby and I are going to have dinner with his family. It will be a good day.

  7. Jill James

    I am thankful for the family here and the family who has passed on. Enjoy every moment with your loved ones. Each day is all we really have.

    I am thankful to my writing because it opened up my world to a rainbow of friends and experiences I never would have imagined a few short years ago.

  8. virna

    This post radiates your essence and your love for life and your family. Happy Thanksgiving Karin and thanks for making me smile so early in the morning!

  9. Terry Odell

    Eloquent and moving post, Karin. With family spread over two continents, these moments are few and far between for us, and I savor holiday traditions — even if it’s just knowing that some time today, everyone in my family will be listening to Alice’s Restaurant.

    Family matters. Near or far, the ties are there.

  10. Karin Tabke

    Donna, I have some catching up to do! Have a wonderful day!

  11. Karin Tabke

    Well, Edie, Noah is a heroic name! I love it. Have a great T-Day!

  12. Karin Tabke

    Jill, you said it! Writing has opened up a world I never would have known existed had I not pursued my dream. Have a wonderful day!

  13. Karin Tabke

    Hey, Virna, lol, after that earful I gave you in the car about the boys, sigh. Yep, they drive me crazy sometimes but I sure do love them! Travel safe!

  14. Karin Tabke

    “Family matters. Near or far, the ties are there.”

    Terry, truer words were never spoken. Have a blessed day!

  15. B.E. Sanderson

    What a lovely post, Karin. Your grandbaby is gorgeous.

    I hope you all had a wonderful holiday, and that the rest of this long weekend is restful and/or productive. =o)

  16. Fedora

    Karin, your family is truly precious! Thanks for sharing them with us, and hope you enjoyed some wonderful time with them this week! Thanks for reflecting on your blessings and reminding us to do the same!

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