I Feel Like Tigger!

January 19, 2010 | Karin's Blog | 11 comments


I can’t stop bouncing off the walls!   At about 3:30 this morning I sent my editor the last half of my story.  I almost cried.  The pressure of writing such a complicated story was off! I had help with it though. Virna was critting my chapters as fast as I could write them and hubby even helped out with a couple of action scenes.  Thank you, Virna and thank you, Gary!

I love the story.  LOVE it!  I cannot wait to talk about it here.  And I will soon!

Today is a day of R&R.  My girlfriend is coming up for the day to visit and have lunch and maybe some window shopping if the weather holds.

I’m going to read a book.  My TBR pile is gargantuan so there is a lot to choose from.  And I’m going to relax and watch American Idol and not run to write between commercials.  I’m going to bed before midnight tonight and some time this week I’m going to take my mil out for lunch and the movie It’s Complicated.

Tomorrow I’m guest blogging over at The Good The Bad and The Unread.

 I feel like I have literally been living in a cave for the last few months.  I missed the world!  Now, I’m back!  I’m going to concentrate on the next First Line Contest, and when I’d like to get that going as well as a few other things.  I will of course keep you posted.  I also wanted to send out a big Congrats to my friend and fellow Murder She Writes blogger, Sophie Littlefield for her book A BAD DAY FOR SORRY being nominated or an Edgar for Best First Book!   Go Sophie!!

Ok, I need to hop off and do something about the condition of this house.  A mess I tell, you, a mess!




  1. Edie

    Congratulations on finishing so fast and on loving your book so much. You rocked getting this done. I’ll be glad when you can talk about it. I’m eager to hear more.

    And congrats to Sophie Littlefield!

  2. Anita Birt

    Your “jump for joy” comments made me smile. Enjoy your time off and ease into the house cleaning. Read a chapter of a book from the TBR pile between dusting the furniture or sweeping the floor.

  3. Terry Odell

    Spoil yourself – have someone else clean the house while you’re having a good time. And let me know how you like It’s Complicated. It (along with Avatar, which is probably gone by now) are on our list, which had to be put on hold during hubby’s cold aftermath – coughing not good in theaters.

  4. HollyD

    Huge congrats on getting the book done. I can’t wait to hear what it is about. Enjoy the down time!

  5. Karin Tabke

    anita I have been enjoying every minute!

  6. Karin Tabke

    Terry I just got back from seeing It’s Complicated. There was a lot i liked, and some i didn’t. i think i’m going to blog about it tomorrow. but i would recommend.

  7. Karin Tabke

    thnx, edie. i’m DYING to blab about this book!!

  8. Karin Tabke

    I can’t wait to tell you about it, Holly!

  9. Michelle Diener

    Huge congrats on finishing, Karin. You have been a quiet (and busy) girl. I’m glad you’re taking some time off to relax.

  10. J. Carson Black

    First, A BIG CONGRATS TO SOPHIE LITTLEFIELD for her Edgar nomination!!!!!

    That ain’t beanbag, baby!

    Karin, I’m so happy you absolutely love your book. It was a challenge – so many things you had to do, a complex story which required not only hotness, but finesse. And you come through every time. You challenge yourself, which I think is the best thing a writer can do. One thing I can predict – as an author, you won’t go stale on us. You’re too busy conquering new horizons.


  11. virna

    So glad you’re happy with it–it rocks!!! And equally glad you’re having fun and getting some well-deserved R&R!

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