Finally Friday!

February 12, 2010 | Karin's Blog | 8 comments

I’m chugging along. Busy weekend though.  I’m working on copy edits, throwing the oldest a 30th Birthday party Saturday night, and trying to squeeze in a chapter of BLOOD LAW.

Now to jump to a totally different subject: How many of you have seen Human Target on Fox?  I am in love with that show!  Hunky Christopher Chance has nothing at all to do with it.  Nada!   Snerk.  Not.     Human Target

How many of you watched AI this week?  Thoughts on Ellen?  I think she was fab.  I like her much better that Kara.  <Scratches head> not sure why Kara is even there.  I already have a favorite.  Casey the cowboy with the blond ponytail.  I’m rooting for Big Mike too, and the girls have some talent!  I think this year is going to have more talent than any previous year, including the year Carrrie won.

OlympicsOMG!   I just realized, the Olympics start tonight!!! How could I forget?  So much to watch, so little time.  Thank god for on demand.

Ok, it’s the wee hours of Friday morning, and I have to hit it.  Oh, and if I owe you a return email, don’t hate on me too much.  I am trying to catch up.

Happy Friday!



  1. Edie

    My husband likes Human Target. I’ve watched it a bit, and it looks all right. Not my thang. lol

    I’ve only been watching AI on Wednesdays. This Wed. kind of sucked with the group singing. I felt back for a couple of the singers who got cut. I like Ellen, and I think she’ll do a great job.

    Have fun this weekend! I’m doing taxes today. Not fun.

  2. Jeannie

    Human Target one of my favs. not big fam of AI but I will watch it. Love your books. Looking forward to the Olympics, they are in my home town. Keep up the great job writing. Just put an order in for your Skin & Jaded books.

  3. Erika

    I wanted to watch the Human Target, but I already watch so many darn shows that I just don’t have room in my tv schedule for another. I’ll probably check it out on DVD though during the off-season.

    I don’t watch AI, but I do like Carrie Underwood so I’m excited to see who comes out of the show this year.

    My daughter and I just started watching The Biggest Loser this year. Ugh, I just love that show!

  4. Jody

    The human target? Somebody made a TV show about me without my permission?

  5. Karin Tabke

    I thought Ellen did a great job too, Edie! Tonight on A we get the final 12!

  6. Karin Tabke

    Jeannie, I really like HT too. Lot’s of eye candy!

    Oh, wow, you’re in Vancouver? It’s gorgeous! One day I’ll get up there.

    Enjoy SKIN and JADED ( i just reread Jaded and still loved it!)

  7. Karin Tabke

    Erika, we DVD so much stuff! I end up staying up all night catching up. I never used to be a big TV fan, but I find myself watching more and more.

  8. Karin Tabke

    Jody, duck!

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