Coming Out of the Dark!

February 17, 2010 | Karin's Blog | 2 comments


Is it me or do I seem to be writing a lot of blogs about me going under then surfacing?  I was thinking last night that not only was it true, but asked myself what it meant.  Here’s what I came up with:  I have a lot going on.  And, it’s never going to change.  And, I’m ok with that.   Despite my writing schedule, which is challenging to say the least, my family life (Baby G is like a crack addiction!), and life outside of my family, I manage to get it all done. 

I just wrapped up a book that I have put more time and effort into than any other book I have written.  The copyedits were grueling.  I tore that manuscript apart.  Over thirty pages of inserts plus changes on just about every page.  Not including the copy editor’s marks.

I loved the story when I sent in the final to my editor.  Not so much after the copy edits were complete.  It felt too disjointed to me.  But I know when I receive the first pass pages it will all fall neatly into place.  Keeping fingers crossed!

The creeping crud has also been making its way through my household.  Nasty stuff.  The only one who has not been affected is the baby.  I’d take it on again so that she doesn’t get it.  So far so good. 

Today is Ash Wednesday.  For Lent, I’m giving up white carbs.  Rice, bread, and pasta.  Giving up pasta is going to kill me, but I’m going to do it. I’ve been enjoying the Olympics, and AI.  I’m trying to catch up on returning emails, reading my RITA books and working on the new book. 

So what’s new with y’all?



  1. Edie

    You can eat wheat pasta, can’t you? I buy it about half the time.

    I’ll watch AI tonight. I watched last night and felt sorry for the ones votes off. I admire the ones who walked out saying they weren’t giving up and they still plan on making it.

    Other than that, I’m on my third round of revisions.

  2. HollyD

    I’m so sorry you and your family were sick but thank goodness that gorgeous little girl didn’t get sick.

    So when exactly do we get details about this book?

    Nothing new here, thank god. I’m still trying to figure out what I can live without for that long. It sure as heck isn’t chocolate or potato chips ooh or Chinese food. Well that did it. Now I’m hungry. Maybe I’ll make some popcorn.

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