Happy Hump Day!

March 24, 2010 | Karin's Blog | 10 comments

I have been meaning to blog, seriously. There is so much going on in my life right now and I want to share it all but there just hasn’t been much time.  Baby G has become a serious addiction.  I just can’t keep my hands off that baby!  She is sugar and spice and everything perfect.  From the picture you can see my dilemma.  How can I not eat her up?

Baby G!

I’m heading south Sunday and meeting up with my gf’s Sylvia Day and Maya Banks to spend a week sequestered on Catalina Island and write my fingers to bloody nubs.

We plan a writing retreat every year and we actually get a lot done.  And even though we go to gorgeous destinations, we pretty much spend the entire trip writing.  Yes, we drink, plot, gossip and gab until our throats are raw, but we write.  My writing goal for the trip is 35,000 words. 

I’ll return the day before Easter and jump right into prepping for the Sunday crowd that is converging.  I ordered two cheesecakes from Juniors in New York!  One traditional and one devil’s food cheesecake.  Slurp.

I’m also cooking a spiral ham and making Maryland crab cakes supported by cheesy mashed potatoes, garlic green beans and a few other yummies. 

I’ve been watching AI, and think my faves are Casey, Big Mike and Siobahn (spelling). Crystal is good, really good, but she kind of icks me out.  I’m thinking Paige is history tonight

I watched DWTS the other night and cringed when Kate G took the floor.  I was really hoping she’d do better.  The Pussy Cat Doll chicky did fab.  Sadly, I don’t remember any of the other performances.  How is that for memorable?

Anyone else watching either show?

Whose going to Nashville??



  1. M.J. Hawk

    35K? How long are you going to be there?

    Man, I could stand to write 35K. Can I come along? Promise, I can drink and gab with the best of ’em! 😉

    PS – damn, that Baby G is a cute ‘un! You can tell she knows it, too. 🙂

  2. Edie

    I had to look at the cheesecakes, and now I’m hungry. The devil food one looked good, but then I saw the tiramisu cheesecake … It was love at first sight.

    I’m not sure if you saw AI eliminations yet, so I won’t say if you’re wrong or right. Crystal is my fave, but I think Siobahn is great, too. Big Mike is a great entertainer. Casey is great looking and sings okay. But of all the guys, I like Lee’s voice. The youngest boy is great, too. Forget his name.

    Your getaway sounds awesome. I know you’ll have a blast.

  3. Margaret

    Aw, so jealous, K!
    –Baby G will be a handful! She is full of mischief!
    –and the retreat.
    Well, I can’t go on a retreat, but I need to get my butt off FV and actually write!

  4. Natalie

    What an adorable picture!!!

    Im hoping to go to Nashville, but I’m not sure yet. Money is tight *sighs*

  5. HollyD

    An absolutely adorable smile on that lovely little girl. She knows who is holding her.

    Enjoy the week. You deserve it!

  6. Cybercliper

    You know, if I could hang out and hug a sweet lookin’ cutie like that, I don’t think I’d be wanting to do anything else!!!

  7. Mary

    I like Crystal and can I have momma Marlene’s cheesy potatoe recipe? mmmmmm they are freakin awesome 🙂

  8. Laura McCann

    Great pic Karin!! Baby G is just too cute!!!

  9. LaDonna

    Karin, Love that pic of baby girl! 🙂 What an adorable grandbaby. Your writing retreat sounds wowaz, and something I’d definitely look forward too like you. You go, on that page goal and come home and tell us all about it.

  10. Kendra

    Must…hug…baby. So cute and so happy!

    I really like Crystal. She’s rather earthy but has so much natural talent. I always enjoy her.

    I’ll see you in Nashville. I hadn’t planned to go this year, but the GH announcements changed that. YAY! I’m giving partial credit to a “Believe” necklace I put on last Tuesday night and was still wearing on Thursday.

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