Is It Selling Out?

April 27, 2010 | Karin's Blog | 4 comments


So, I’ve been watching American Idol from the first show this season, and while I’m not as jazzed and wowed by the top 12 the judges picked as I have been in the past, and Kara gets on my nerves and I miss Paula (yeah go figure I miss Paula!), I’ve hung in there, mostly because of Casey who I liked from the moment he took off his shirt (and truth be told, his chest wasn’t all that, it’s his smile that gets me, but I digress!) and Big Mike. 

Big Mike is a fave because of his situation, him auditioning for what could change his life and his family’s life forever, while that family he so desperately wants to protect and support was being born, and he wasn’t there.  I like this guy.  I respect what he gave up.  I respect how hard he’s working to make it worth missing the birth of his first child.  For not being there at the most precious moment in a father’s life.  I want him to shoot to the stars and into the next galaxy.  I want Big Mike to win big, whether it’s as the next American Idol or in whatever endeavor he chooses.  Is he the most talented of the bunch?  No.  I think Lee and Casey have it over him.  But I just want good for Big Mike 

So, let’s talk talent, I’m biased, I think Casey has the whole package and I think Lee’s voice is fantastic, and he has really come along in selling himself to the audience. Then there is Crystal. Talent in every cell of her body.  But here’s where I have a huge problem with her: To me, she’s unappealing.  Is it me?  Or is she kind of a turn off?  That aside for a moment, I did not care for her performance tonight.  Is it me or is she getting a wee bit too cocky?  Remember when Chris what’s-his-name got cocky?  Off with his head!  Others whose names I cannot recall suffered the same fate.

Look, I get Crystal wanting to stay true to who she is, and her dreads. I know she fights the stylists at every turn, except that one night she wore heels.  But doesn’t she want to win?  Is it selling out if she compromises not her talent but her commercial appeal just for now?  Just long enough to grab the prize then do it her way?

Many of you are probably saying, “To thine own self be true!” And you’re right but at what cost?  To appeal to more folks from whom she would garner more votes and win the AI title, she doesn’t have to comprise her talent, just her commercial appeal.  If I were her, especially after this last performance, and if I survived this week, I’d make the switch.  Not a radical change, it’s too late for that but some serious subtle stuff.  And I’d find some humility like yesterday!

Is it really selling out doing it that way?  Or is it just a way to finally grab that elusive contract so that now you have your foot in the door and can do it your way?



  1. Edie

    I missed last night’s show. We watched NCIS, which was finally a new one. But I can catch the performances w/ critiques on YouTube. Crystal is my absolute favorite, and I don’t care what her hair looks like and what she wears. My second favorite voice is Lee. I think Casey will get a contract, probably country. (My guess is that’s where he wants to go.) I think and hope Mike will.

    I’m not sure if Lee is commercial enough, but I hope he is. As for Crystal, she should get a contract, no matter if she wins, and no matter what she wears. She’s just the best.

  2. Edie

    I just watched the videos, and WOW! Every performance is good. You’re right about Crystal’s, though, it was the weakest. I still hope she squeaks through. Siobhan redeemed herself from her last couple sucky performances. It will be interesting to see who gets cut.

  3. B.E. Sanderson

    I haven’t watch AI this season – between NCIS and Biggest Loser and Deadliest Catch, I’m booked solid on Tuesdays. Still, if I think about this from a writerly standpoint, I don’t think writing with a bend toward commercial is selling out. You can do things a wider audience will enjoy and still be your own person. (Or am I just rationalizing? :smirk:) I figure as long as you don’t compromise your values, you haven’t sold out. =o)

  4. Margaret

    I’ve watched. Personally, I felt Siobhan was a train wreck from the first. Oh, don’t get me wrong, the gal can sing, but she doesn’t have a clue where she fits, and she’s proud of it. The problem with that attitude is that music producers don’t know where she fits either. Where would her CD’s be place?
    Hmmm, notice how very much like writing this is??
    Lee’s good, but zero personality.
    Big Mike is smaltzy and getting on my nerves.
    Casey finally let it go this week–it ratchets him up a notch.
    Crystal is unique. I like how she changes things around, but the song sucked. She has an Indigo Girls vibe that I like.
    Aaron has talent, but I think he’s out of his league at the moment.

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