Happy Monday!

Howz everyone doing?  I’m so excited!  Castle, DWTS and Hawaii Five Oh or is that 5-0 tonight!? Let’s talk tomorrow about the above! Karin* aka Harlow… Read more »

Frolicking Friday!

Lot’s of fun stuff going on today! I’m over at www.MurderSheWrites.com back to my old self, mini rant in tow.  I’m also over at the www.MagicalMusings.com Launch Party!   You’ll have to go see for yourself what’s being launched.  I can tell you this:  There are fab authors giving away fab prizes…hmmm…maybe even yours truly. Stop by and say hello! Karin* aka Harlow www.KarinHarlow.com… Read more »

DWTS Anyone?

It starts next week.  In fact a lot of great programing is set to hit the airwaves next week.  What are you looking forward to? I’m looking forward to DWTS, Castle (can’t wait!) Dexter, and later this year AI, but only if I like the new judges.  I know there are a few others I’m forgetting, but for now that’s all my brain is allowing me to remember.   How about you?   Karin* aka Harlow www.KarinHarlow.com… Read more »

My Girl Harlow Needs Help!

She’s stuck on a title for her L.O.S.T. book two.  She’s offering a cool prize/s to the person who comes up with a title both she and her editor love.  Check out her blog at www.KarinHarlow.com/blog for the deets, but for the hell of it, I’m posting the book blurb here too.  🙂  Hey, gotta help a girl out when she needs it! While tracking uranium-spinning centrifuges in the mountains of Kyrgyzstan, L.O.S.T. operative Nikko Cruz is ambushed and left for dead.  The last person he expects to see is Selena Gurerro, the only woman he ever loved and the… Read more »
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