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May 11, 2011 | Karin's Blog | 15 comments

Not sure that’s ever going to happen.  I feel like the hurrier I go, the behinder I get!  I’m being pulled in a million different directions.  I want to do it all and can’t.  I have my job, which I still love.  Probably more than ever.  I have so many stories bouncing around in my head.  So many to be told, not enough hours in the day to write them all.  I have that perfect doll of a granddaughter who had me from the moment we knew she was coming. I see her every day and the rare days I don’t see her, I have withdrawals! All of my kids are gone.  Although, oldest son came back home today for a month with his gf and cat while they look for a place. My oldest daughter is getting married in October. My youngest son is just wrapping up the first phase of Marine boot camp.  I miss him so much, but I get a grip on the mommy emotions. He’s going to come home a US Marine.  I could not be prouder.  My youngest daughter and husband are working hard trying to buy a house.  Hubby is still in a cast from his Achilles surgery. 


Then there is my puppy, Bella. We’ve been busy going to obedience and handling classes. We have our first conformation show this Saturday and our second one Sunday.  I’m wanting to chicken out, but we’ve both worked too hard to do that.  So wish us luck! 


Of course, during all of this, I had BLOOD LAW, the first book in my Blood Moon Rising trilogy release last week.  Copy edits of ENEMY MINE went back Monday, I’m waiting on copy edits for WANTED, my novella in the MEN OUT OF UNIFORM antho I’m in with my friends Maya Banks and Sylvia Day, plus I’m working on BLOOD RIGHT, book two in the Blood Moon Rising trilogy.  I’m also working on a proposal and wanting to get back to my Blood Sword Legacy stories! 

mama says goodbye to her baby boy

And somewhere in all of that, I really need to launch my next First Line Contest!!  I need a new laptop too, this one is about to implode.  But who has time to shop for one?  Then there is the setting up part, which I hate doing. I don’t like to try and get used to a new keyboard in the middle of a book. 

I have a slew of other things that need my attention, like the laundry. I haven’t planted one flower pot this year!  Last year I lived for my flowers, now I just say hello to the ones that survived the winter and walk on by.

What I really need is a vacation.  One of those kind that you go to a tropical beach somewhere and sip lava flows and do nothing else.  But who has time?

Is it me, or are we all over extended?

Karin* aka Harlow
Blood Law, Berkley Heat, Out Now!


  1. Edie Ramer

    Karin, you’re even busier than I am. This is nuts. I’m supposed to go to a brainstorming session with other writers on Sat., and I’m thinking of bowing out. I really don’t have anything to brainstorm – I’m just going because it’s fun to get together with my fellow writers. But I think I need to stay home and get my pages done. I have too much to do.

    And I just remembered something else to add to my list. Ack!

  2. B.E. Sanderson

    Wow, girlfriend, you are a busy lady. I was feeling a little overextended until I read what you’re up against. I’m fine.

    I hope you catch a break soon, even if it’s just ten minutes to breathe. :hugs:

    Oh, and Blood Law should be arriving here any day now. I can’t wait to read it. =o)

  3. Dalila G.

    Geez Karin….talk about having your hands full! LOL! You need at least 29 hours a day to get by.
    Hope you find a free minute for yourself soon 🙂
    Your vacation getaway sounds like fun if you can manage it!
    Wishing luck with Bella!
    Can’t wait for you to continue with your Blood Sword Legacy stories, great stories!
    Have a wonderful day! 🙂

  4. HollyD

    Wow, just reading all that made me even more tired than I already was. I can’t wait to get my hands on your new releases. Waiting is soo hard.

    Little girl is adorable. They grow up too dang fast. My “baby” starts kindergarten in the fall.

    Here’s hoping you can get at least a mini vacation.

  5. Hubby

    Don’t forget to add editing my first eight chapters… Love ya, babe!

  6. Karin* aka Harlow!

    Beth I hope you love it! Howz the writing??

  7. Karin* aka Harlow!

    Holly, they do grow up so fast! Today Gianna pooped in the toilette for the first time! Whoo hoo!

  8. B.E. Sanderson

    It arrived today and I’m sure I’ll love it. You haven’t missed with me yet.

    As for the writing, it’s been slow for a couple months, but I’m trying to get back into the swing with a new WIP. Thanks for asking. =o)

  9. Amy Siedlecki

    Congrats on Gianna pooping on the toilet for the 1st time…that’s your granddaughter right, not the one getting married in Oct? 🙂 (sorry, I couldn’t resist) Just got my hands on Blood Law…can’t wait to start reading. Just curious about the book size…is that something new for paperbacks? Whew, you are a busy bee, girlfriend! I needed to drink a big cosmo after reading your blog…and I’m THRILLED that you are planning to start back on your Blood Sword Legacy series…those are my favorite of all your books! (except Enemy Mine tee hee) Hope you get a well deserved vacation soon….or at least the laundry done. xo

  10. christy M

    Karin……you need beach time, chicha!!

  11. Karin* aka Harlow!

    Dalila, I wish I did have 29 hours in a day and only needed to sleep for 2 of those hours!

  12. Karin* aka Harlow!

    Amy, that was my granddaughter! lol. BLOOD LAW is packaged in trade paperback format. common for the content. ENEMY MINE turned out pretty good! And I didn’t forget about you!!! 😉

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