Another BLOOD RIGHT Excerpt

“Lucien needs a kick in the ass,”  Falon said. “That, too. But—” Talia’s violet eyes implored her. “For the sake of Mondragon, it is imperative you stand united with Lucien. If you don’t, the pack will lose their confidence in him as alpha, and that cannot happen under any circumstance.” “Where is your loyalty to Rafael?” “My loyalty is to the Lycan nation first, Lucien and Rafael second.” “If I leave here, Lucien cannot force me to stay away from Rafa.” “You are wrong, because until he releases you completely, you belong to him. He will never release you if… Read more »

BLOOD RIGHT excerpt!

Her you go goils, the first six pages of BLOOD RIGHT! But first another peek at the cover! Yummalicious, Lucien!   Vulkasin Compound, Sierras, California   THE BLOOD LAW is avenged.   Years after alpha Rafael Vulkasin kills his brother Lucien’s chosen one, the ancient council of the Lycan, the omnipotent Amorak, demands that Rafael honor the Blood Law. The Blood Law can only be avenged with an even exchange. An eye for an eye. The life of Rafael’s chosen one in exchange for the life he took from Lucien. But Rafael refuses to give his beloved Falon to his vengeful brother,… Read more »