It’s naughty, so Jody, don’t read it!

Rafe shifted and followed the scents downstream. As he came to the edge of a narrow bluff he looked down to see Falon and Lucien lying naked on the bank, their limbs entwined, their lips locked. Falon’s essence was strong. It permeated the forest, its seductive snare luring him down the steep incline. Rafe growled at her ardor for his brother. And yet, despite his anger, his blood warmed at the erotic sight of Falon writhing sensually beneath Lucien.

He shifted and moved closer.

Gods, she was sexy as hell. He could smell the warmth of her skin. Feel its sultry smoothness against his. The soft way it glided across him. He wanted that. To cover her with his body. Take her into his arms. Feel her firm breasts scrape across his chest, and then feel the warm rush of her breath as she moaned in pleasure when she surrendered to him. Oh, yes, he wanted all of that and more. He would have it. On his terms.

Rafael stepped closer, preparing to take what was his, but then he stopped. Even from the distance he was of aware of Falon’s bright blue eyes riveted on him. She bit her bottom lip as a long raspy moan slid from her throat.

 Come with us, Rafa . . . her siren’s call enticed.

He licked his dry lips and took a step closer. Her knees rose as her long slender legs locked around Lucien’s hips. Rafe’s erection throbbed painfully against his hip. He maneuvered farther down the steep embankment so that he was downwind of them. Falon’s low moans of pleasure excited him, pulled him closer. As he approached the love-locked couple, his body tightened. The urge to tear his brother apart hovered in the shadows, taking second seat to his hunger for Falon. It drove him closer. So close that he stood just behind them.

She opened her eyes, and this time smiled a slow seductive smile that tugged at him balls deep. His cock thickened painfully. He didn’t see Lucien; he saw only erotic pleasure on Falon’s lips, in her eyes, in the deep sigh of her breath. Her chest gleamed with a thin sheen of sweat. 

Rafa, she moaned as she offered herself to Lucien.

 Falon, Lucien growled, sliding into her.

Her back arched as her breath escaped her lungs. Rafe wrapped his hand around his cock and with each thrust of Lucien’s hips into Falon, he stroked himself. He held her sultry gaze as she accepted Lucien. In perfect synchronization, Rafe stroked himself to Lucien’s tempo, never once taking his eyes off Falon’s…


ENEMY MINE Hits The Shelves!

I cannot believe it has been three months since I’ve blogged here!  I mean, The Write Life has been my personal blog for geez, something like twenty years!  Okay, not twenty but pushing ten. I used to be so good about regular blogging, but as many of you know,...

Unexpected Surprises!

I’ve had a few good ones this last month.  Some personal, some professional and some happening to people I love. Professionally, BLOOD LAW is doing well.  The first week it hit #5 on the Barnes and Noble trade romance list and # 8 on Borders’ trade romance list.  Week...

Catching Up!

Not sure that’s ever going to happen.  I feel like the hurrier I go, the behinder I get!  I’m being pulled in a million different directions.  I want to do it all and can’t.  I have my job, which I still love.  Probably more than ever.  I have so many stories bouncing...

BLOOD LAW, Relased!

Book one of the Blood Moon Rising tirlogy has hit the shelves!  How can you resist this cover!    Whatcha think of book two in the trilogy, BLOOD RIGHT? I'll show you the cover of the final book in the trilogy, BLOOD MOON RISING, as soon as I can! Have a good one!...

American Idol Anyone?

  I know, I know, I said I wasn’t going to watch this year, call me fickle, but I changed my mind.  And glad I did!  It has been the one indulgence I have allowed myself during yet another deadline show down. AI, oh and Castle.  While I have very personal reasons for...

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