Dare Me Again

Dare Me Again

Dare Me Again

The Chronicles of Katrina, Book 2

Bad Boys of the Bay, Book 3


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Karin Tabke LLC (November 11, 2014)

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December 23

What are you wearing?

Despite being the very busy on-call doc the last fourteen hours with nary a break, Kat’s tired body immediately perked up as she read the text. Smiling, she texted back.

Chanel #5

You’re a very naughty doctor.

I know. Please don’t tell my husband.

You’re married?


Hmmm…How married?


Where is your husband now?

Chasing bad guys.

In the last month, they had had two days together and both of those they had spent in an exhausted daze. She missed her husband. Desperately.

I want to chase you.

Are you a bad guy?

A very bad guy.

Kat grinned. He was indeed.

Where are you? She asked.

I know where I want to be…

She bit her bottom lip and dared to ask, Where?

Inside you.

Kat gasped softly. She looked up from where she stood outside of the exam room she had just left to make sure she wasn’t being watched and her cheeks warmed when she caught Nancy Lindstrom, the charge nurse that night, giving her an I-just-sucked-a-lemon face look from behind the nurse’s station counter. Swallowing hard as she tried to control her suddenly revving body, she texted: My husband might not like that.

I would like that.

Kat’s heart rate hitched up a few more notches. Her knees shook a little. Her reaction to his texts was as intense as if he’d spoken the words out loud.

Where are you? she texted again.

Waiting for you.

Her hands shook. Busy night. Can’t leave for a while.

I dare you to go to your office, lock the door, and take off all your clothes except those fuck-me pumps and your panties.

Kat swallowed hard, and smoothed down her lab coat.

What if a patient needs me?

I need you more.

A small stifled sound escaped her. God, he had a way of making her not care about anything but his hands on her.

When she didn’t immediately respond because her hands were shaking, he texted: And Doctor?

Yes? she barely managed to text.

When you’re done stripping, put the lab coat back on.

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