Sworn to Love

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Sworn to Love

Hot Cops, Book 5


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Pocket Star (March 3, 2015)

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From national bestselling author Karin Tabke comes the fifth installment in her sizzling Hot Cops series, featuring a mind-blowingly sexy cop who meets his match.

Sometimes going after the bad guy you find the good girl…

When DEA agent Mateo Juarez is given the mission to infiltrate the Dumas drug cartel’s compound and erase the entire organization, he doesn’t count on falling for Sophia, the head honcho’s daughter…

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Sophia closed her eyes, the scent of the dangerous man behind her taunting her as if he were speaking a dare. Her fingers tightened on the big rough hand whose fingers splayed down to the tip of the soft rise of her pubic bone. She was wearing sheer thong panties that were shockingly damp.

“I like the way you move,” he said against her ear, the warmth of his breath brushing along the column of her neck. Her nipples tightened as he brought her against him. The ridge of his erection clearly defined along the small of her back.

“I know you want me.” He pressed his lips along the shell of her ear. “I want you too.”

She closed her eyes, loving the hard rasp of his voice. Loving his boldness. Loving that out of all the women in the club, he picked her. When he pulled her back against him, his hand pressed more tightly against her, hiking the fabric of her little dress up to just below her panties. Her eyes popped open and caught his in the mirrored pillar he had moved her in front of. They were in the corner of the crowded dance floor and when she caught sight of her wanton self in the mirror with those piercing golden eyes boring into her from behind her, she lost her footing.

He grasped the curve of her hip to steady her, his long fingers possessive. “Easy, angel,” he said. “Don’t fall too hard for me.” He slowly sucked her earlobe as his eyes held hers in the mirror, causing her body to violently shake. “You might not be able to get up.”

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