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Berkley (March 4, 2014)

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The hottest thing about a man in uniform is imagining him out of it.

Wanted follows the X-rated exploits of bad-boy cop and the soon-to-be-ex-wife of a mob boss. He’s been hired to guard her body, but it drives him to distraction instead, putting his career—and his life—on the line…

Note: Wanted previously appeared in the Men Out of Uniform anthology.

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Sophia slammed the lamp over the intruder’s head. Not waiting to see if she knocked him out, she ran for her life. Straight into a hard chest. Terrified this was it, that her husband’s goon had found her, she screamed. A big hand clamped across her face. He yanked her hard against him, pulling her down the stairway.

“I won’t hurt you,” a deep masculine voice whispered against her ear. She scratched his hand and bit it at the same time.

“Jesus Christ!” he hissed. “I said, I won’t hurt you.”

She twisted and kicked him in the balls. He grunted in pain, loosening his hold. She only caught sight of shocking blue eyes before she pushed past him and ran down the stairs to the back door. There was a Jet Ski at the end of the dock… If she could just get there…

As she ran out the door, a hard body tackled her from behind.

They went rolling down the slope onto the deck and into the shallow water.

Sophia sputtered as she tried to get away from the blue-eyed monster. Bullets pinged in the water around them.

He grabbed her by her hair and pulled her under the dock. “Get the hell out of his line of fire,” he cursed, dragging her farther down the dock.

Footsteps thudded on the planks above them. Terrified, Sophia looked at the man who held her against his chest. She almost fainted from shock. It… couldn’t be… His eyes warned her to keep quiet. Her teeth chattered so loud she was sure the entire lake community could hear.

Ever so slowly, he moved them down the dock away from the footsteps thudding in the opposite direction. After what seemed like an eternity, they reached the end. “Stay put,” he commanded. Too terrified to move, Sophia nodded.. He slipped from the water. Her instinct told her to stay, but she trusted no one. He might be there to save her for the moment, but like everyone else, he wanted something from her, something that would get her killed. Sophia moved back down the dock to the next house. The sun was beginning to set, so if she could just slip away…

“I told you to stay put, damn it.”

She turned around, her teeth still chattering and her body shivering so badly in the cold lake water she couldn’t even tell him to go to hell. He grabbed her arms and pulled her back to the end of the dock. Carefully, he helped her from the frigid water and into a small SUV.

Moments later, they were on Emerald Bay Boulevard, heading south.

Even in the freezing cold, and with the passing of sixteen years, Sophia recognized the man driving the SUV. Looking at him now, hearing the deep timbre of his voice, she knew without a doubt it was the same man she had fantasized about each time Angelo had touched her. Colin Daniels. Her body began to shake again, but not from the cold this time. She had been a naive sophomore; he an experienced senior, the ultimate bad boy and the fantasy of every girl, and she was sure most of the nuns, at St. John’s Prep.

Sophia shivered hard as she remembered the intensity of his lovemaking. The way his fingers stroked her skin to fire. Her nipples hardened and she squirmed in her wet clothes.

He glanced at her with an indescribably complex look. Like he was supposed to know her, but couldn’t quite figure out why. Anger sparked. The Lothario had no idea who she was, but he had to know she was the wife of a crime boss. The whole world knew. And just like the whole world, he was there because he wanted something from her. Just another commodity. Beginning with her parents, every person in her life had sold her out. Why not this guy too?

Sophia’s eyes narrowed. He had shattered her world that night sixteen years ago, and he didn’t even recognize her! Had she been so inconsequential? Just another one of his many? But she’d known that going in. It had been her choice to seduce him. Not the other way around. She’d picked him and him only for one specific purpose: to take her virginity before her parents sold her into domestic slavery to the Gilletti family.

At least Colin had done his job—quite well—and asked for nothing in return. That he had never, not once, tried to call her after she seduced him, irked her more than it should. Judging from his distant demeanor, she’d bet her life, which wasn’t worth much at the moment, that if she reminded him of their all-too-brief but oh-so-hot interlude, he still wouldn’t recognize her. So she’d pretend like she didn’t recognize him.

“Who are you?” she demanded. “And what were you doing at my house?” Would he tell the truth?

“I’m part of a task force sent to bring you in to testify against your husband.”

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